Carpet and Upholstery Extraction- All Interior, including seats, carpets, mats, headliner, and visors will be cleaned and sanitized using a hot water extractor that heats the water up to 210 degrees. The hot water extractor removes tough stains caused by dirt, oil, grease, food, drink, ink, urine, and vomit. After the extraction is finished it will leave your vehicles interior clean and free of any bacteria. If there are any odors that remain an ozone machine treatment will be necessary.

Leather Cleaning and Conditioning- All interior leather will be cleaned using professional leather products. The cleaning will consist of using a pH balanced cleaner that removes stains, oil, and grime effectively, but is gentle enough not to dry out or damage the leather. After a thorough cleaning of all leather, a premium leather conditioner will be used to revitalize the leather by adding vital oils back to the clean surface of the leather; this will help maintain the suppleness of the leather and to prevent future wear and cracking.

Wheel Cleaning and Polishing- Depending on the type and finish of the wheel, a professional pH balanced cleaner, along with numerous brushes, will be used to decontaminate the wheel removing iron particles, brake dust, brake dust staining, dirt, oil, grime, and old wax or sealant. Once this is completed, there are a variety of products used to renew the condition of the wheel as well as to preserve the wheels coating. Fixing any wheels with pitting, flaking, or curb rash is not included. (The wheels will be cleaned in place) Removal of wheels to clean is extra.

Headlight Restoration- The headlights undergo a multi-step process that is needed to remove the oxidation properly from the outside of the headlight lens only. Once this is complete, a protective coating is applied to prevent yellowing and discoloration. (There will be no restoration to the inside of the headlight lens)

Overspray Removal- Exterior bonded surface containments will be removed using a variety of lubricants and clay bars. Bonded surface containments are rail dust, paint overspray, bird droppings, tree sap, industrial fall out, and brake dust. These bonded surface containments will be removed from glass, painted surfaces, and chrome. Depending on the aggressiveness of clay being used to remove the containments, a polishing of the paint is recommended following this procedure. After polishing, sealing the paint is required. If you choose not to polish the paint after claying, sealing the paint is required.

Odor Elimination- Smoke, Mold, Pet, Urine, Food and other odors will be eliminated using an ozone machine. This machine will destroy all molecules from the odors leaving your vehicle smelling new again. This process is recommended after a thorough cleaning on the inside of the vehicle to insure all odors are removed properly.

Engine Cleaning- The engine will be carefully degreased, cleaned and then dressed with a protective coating. Special attention is given to all electrical panels and components.

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